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Personal Info

  • Name: Anna Schubert
  • Born: 30 April 1985
  • Citizenship: German
  • Family Status: Married, 2 Children
Anna Schubert

Short Bio

After graduating in business I got employed as project- and key-account manager at STATEC GmbH. In 2013, I founded my own startup company that developed high-tech applications for the fashion e-commerce. My interests are primarily in business and product development.


Product Development
Business Development
Corporate Finance
Asset Management
Real Estate Investment
Marketing, CRM
Graphic Design
Video, Photography

Career Path

Asset Management

October 2017 - now

Marketing and Finance Development

GoSilico GmbH // www.gosilico.com

At GoSilico I developed and administrated relevant finance and marketing tools that help the team to keep track of and improve the companie's performance.

April 2017 - July 2019

Parental Leave

January 2016 - March 2017

Founder of admoreal

admoreal // www.admoreal.com

Seeing a great chance to significally improve and upgrade the marketing and delivery concept of the fashion e-commerce I gathered a highly competent team of software developers, 3d designers and fashion experts to design and develop high-tech simulation and configutation systems. We developed several prototypes for a virtual fitting-room.

April 2013 - January 2016

Certified Graphic Designer

Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt // www.sgd.de

As a graduate in graphic design and a passionate photographer I was finally able to better understand, organize and even personally realize diverse marketing projects by using the tools of Adobe Creative Suite.

October 2013 - January 2016

Project- and Key-Account Manager

STATEC Buehnentechnik GmbH // www.statec.de

My responsibilities at STATEC were primarily to manage and supervise customer projects. Moreover, I organized and assisted at designing marketing tools as well as operating manuals.

March 2011 - April 2013

B.A. in Business Administration

Justus-Liebig Universitaet, Giessen // www.uni-giessen.de

My major interests during my studies were business development, finance and economical structures. (1.7).

October 2006 - February 2011

Year Abroad (USA)

University of Memphis, Tennessee USA

During my one-year stay in USA I took several language and culture classes at the University of Memphis. I successfully finalized the language classes with the internatioanally recognized TOEFL-Test.

October 2005 - October 2006


Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Karlsruhe // www.mpg-ka.de June 2005


Project Management

STATEC GmbH Project- & Key-Account Management
(2 Years)

admoreal Project- & Product Management
(3 Years)


B.A. in Business In my bachelor's thesis I thoroughly treated the topic social media and its impact on marketing. Later in the job, I acquired profound skills in developing professional corporate identity (CI), optimizing search engines (SEO) and managing customer relationships (CRM).


Certified Graphic Designer As a graduate in graphic design I learned to work with Adobe Creative Suite. I've been using these skills for front-end design of websites, flyer & logo design, team photography, etc. Besides, I learned to work with Camtasia (video editing) and Marvelous Designer (3d clothes design).



  • Karlsruhe
  • Germany